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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

At Big Y, diversity allows for a rich, dynamic work environment that brings innovation, variety of perspectives, and a competitive edge in our market place that allows us to better serve our communities.

We also value an inclusive environment that continuously strives to recognize and respect the diverse talents of our workforce.

Together, Diversity & Inclusion creates a supportive network that fosters collaboration, best practices, and engagement with our workforce and enhances the quality of service we provide to our customers.

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Supported Work Agencies

Big Y has a long history of collaborating with community agencies that support the growth and development of people of varying ages, income levels, and abilities.

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Group Problem Solving

Group Problem Solving (GPS) teams are small groups of employees who voluntarily and regularly meet on company time to identify, analyze, and solve work related problems. This allows employees to use their front line experience to have a voice in bringing about change.

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Multicultural Awareness

Multicultural awareness provides an opportunity to gain a greater understanding, sensitivity, and appreciation of the history, values, experiences, and lifestyles of a cultural group. At Big Y, we continue to build on our Culture of Caring™ and the Pursuit of Excellence™ by recognizing and celebrating our growing diverse workforce.

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Keep Thinking

Our customers thrive on change, and we must be creative and supportive of new ideas in order to exceed their evolving expectations. As a learning organization we recognize that ideas are our life-blood. The Keep Thinking program allows every employee an opportunity to make a difference by sharing ideas and recommendations that can benefit employees, customers and the company as a whole.