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Perfect Portions: How much is enough (or too much) for your child?

It's simple: Getting the right nutrition in the proper amounts is essential to your child's well-being. There are years and years worth of medical research linking kids' long-term development and life-long health to their childhood meals. It's important to make sure your little one gets enough -- but not too much -- of what they need to grow.

How much is enough?

The good news is when it comes to deciding how much is enough, your child IS the expert. She'll let you know when she's hungry, and she'll let you know when she's full. The key is to follow her cues to make sure you're not over- or under-feeding her. Be sure to offer food when she shows signs of hunger and be sure not to push for her to keep eating when she shows signs of being finished (ie: turning away). Although it may get a little frustrating when she fills up fast only to become hungry again a short while later, by following her lead you are teaching her how to recognize her own internal cues of hunger and fullness.

Give what they need!

You may not be able to control WHEN your little one is hungry, but you can control what you offer. Kids' tummies are tiny and fill up fast -- don't waste any of that precious space with low-nutrient foods. Instead, offer a wide variety of nutritious, high-nutrient options and let your child choose what and how much she wants to eat. The key to growing healthy habits is to provide your child with nourishing food in a low-key way and then letting them decide how much they will eat