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The Generation Gap: When Grandparents are Caregivers

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In so many ways, having a grandparent as a sometime caregiver is a win-win-win. It's a win for grandparents who love spending time with their grandkids. It's a win for grandkids who get to bond with doting grandparents. And it's a win for parents who have the peace of mind knowing their kids are in familiar, loving hands. But sometimes, grandparents aren't exactly familiar with current safety or parenting techniques, like the right position to put a baby to sleep (on its back) or whether or not padded crib bumpers are recommended (they're not). It can be hard to make sure your parents know how you want things done without making them feel like you're criticizing or micromanaging them - but it's crucial to make sure your kids' safety isn't at stake. Here's how to start the conversation without stepping on a land mine: