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Diaper Rash

As a parent, you already know some babies are prone to diaper rash and some are not. There are many causes of diaper rash, from a change in diet to leaving a wet or dirty diaper on too long. Obviously, we want our baby to avoid getting a diaper rash altogether. Change your baby frequently and keep the area clean and dry.

Avoid using baby powders though, since even small amounts can be inhaled by your baby and consequently cause breathing problems. Sometimes a rash can't be avoided and your baby needs a product to soothe his or her bottom. First you may want to try a barrier formulation, like A & D ointment or Triple Paste ®.

If that doesn't work your pediatrician may recommend an antifungal, such as Lotrimin AF® cream. These products are available at Big Y Pharmacy and Wellness Centers. Your friendly and knowledgeable Big Y Pharmacist can help you select the proper treatment for your baby. Just ask!