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Breastfeeding and Birth Control

Q: I am exclusively nursing my 3 month-old baby. Is breastfeeding enough to prevent pregnancy or should I be using birth control?

A: While breastfeeding does decrease the likelihood of getting pregnant, it is not an effective form of birth control. The only 100% reliable method is abstinence. However, there are other methods to choose from such as condoms with spermicide or birth control pills. While breastfeeding, the typical combination pill should not be used as all variations contain some form of estrogen which decreases milk supply. There is one oral contraceptiev referred to as the "mini-pill" which contains only progestin and is much less likely to affect milk production.

All Big Y Pharmacy & Wellness Centers have these options for you, so please visit your knowledgeable Big Y Pharmacist to help you choose one that’s right for you!

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