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It's Baby Acne?

A different kind of baby bump: Baby acne, explained.

Ten fingers, ten toes, big beautiful eyes and a button nose... your new baby is perfect in every way. So what's up with these red and white pimply bumps that have suddenly shown up all over his precious little face? It turns out infant acne is fairly common. The good news is that while it might not be pretty, it's very short-lived and it's not bothering your baby at all. Here's what you need to know:

What is infant acne? Some babies will get blemishes on their chin, cheeks and forehead shortly after birth -- little bumps that look just like regular pimples, only smaller. This is infant acne.

Why does my baby have pimples? In a word: Hormones. When you're pregnant, those strong hormones -- the same ones that might be giving you a few unwanted blemishes right now! - made their way to your baby. Once baby is born, the hormones are gone, which sends his oil glands into overdrive... which can produce pimples.

How long will it last? Not long. Most babies are completely free of these blemishes before they turn one month old, though they can linger for six to eight weeks. But it will go away on its own, and fairly soon.

Is it painful? No. Acne might not look great, but it won't cause your little one any discomfort. If your baby is showing signs of a rash or other irritation, or if the bumps appear to have clear fluid instead of white fluid in them, talk to your pediatrician.

Can I do anything to get rid of it? Not really. It's mostly a waiting game. Be sure to wash baby's skin with a gentle, unmedicated cleanser once a day and pat dry with a soft, clean cloth. Don't try to "pop" any of the pimples, no matter how tempting - that could cause infection and even scarring. They should go away by themselves.