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Security Incident Alert

Beginning on or around September 29, 2016, Big Y discovered, and immediately removed, “skimmers” on five (5) single-payment terminals, located in five (5) of our seventy-five (75) stores. Skimmers are devices that affix to card readers and are used by criminals to capture credit and debit card information. The five (5) stores are located in Avon, Connecticut; Wilbraham, Massachusetts; Rocky Hill, Connecticut; Northampton, Massachusetts; and at our Cooley Street store in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Immediately upon learning of this incident, Big Y notified federal law enforcement and launched its own comprehensive investigation into the matter, with the assistance of a leading third-party forensics expert. Big Y continues to monitor every Big Y store and payment terminal for the presence of skimmers.

We believe that these five (5) skimmers were placed at Big Y food service/pizza registers at various dates and times between September 27, 2016 and October 1, 2016. Specifically, the Company believes skimmers were placed on impacted food service/pizza registers at the following stores during the below identified time periods: