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1,000,000 Vials Recycled

Since 2015, Big Y World Class Market’s Pharmacy and Wellness Centers have recycled almost 1 million bottles and vials troughout the chain. In early 2015, Big Y World Class Markets became one of the first regional chains in the country to implement a prescription vial recycling program for their customers. This program allows Big Y Pharmacy and Wellness Center customers to safely and confidentially recycle their empty prescription medication vials. Customers no longer risk their confidential medical information being accessible to others when their vials are placed in curbside recycling bins or at other commercial recycling centers.

Customers simply bring any empty prescription container* from any pharmacy to their local Big Y Pharmacy and Wellness Center. The Big Y pharmacy staff ensures that it is processed for confidential recycling. These recycled vials are sent to specific processing centers in partnership with Tri State Distribution, Inc. for shredding and reuse into other products such as carpeting. They are not sent to a landfill.

According to Nicole D’Amour Schneider, Big Y’s director of pharmacy, “With so many prescription vials and bottles we use each year, we continue to see this recycling program as an opportunity to positively impact our environment by partnering with our customers to cut down on waste while saving energy.”

For more information on Big Y’s vial recycling program please stop by any of our Big Y Pharmacy and Wellness Centers or visit for more details.

In addition, Big Y is pleased to announce that the’ve reduced plastic bag consumption at their registers by over 10% for this past year. Customers are encouraged to bring in their reusable bags and Big Y service clerks receive constant training regarding their bag usage which also contributes to the 10% reduction. Big Y is committed to further reduce this usage in 2017.

*Some exclusions apply...see store pharmacy for details..